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With research showing ever decreasing literacy

levels in UK adults, visual communication is

an increasingly important tool.   

Visual communication crosses language barriers

and can also save valuable time regarding training

or when urgent safety issues arise (with all of the

resulting consequences). Pictures have an instant

impact and can indeed “paint a thousand words”.

Illustrations are bespoke and branded for your

company, with specific PPE, Vehicles, Plant and

Equipment etc, to create identity and familiarity

for employees. This helps the safety message

to ‘land’.

My illustrations have been used in numerous ways including:

handbooks, leaflets, posters, storyboards, intranet, calendars, presentations, websites, social media platforms, training and

educational DVD’s and videos...

communicating the many aspects of Health and Safety, both environmental and behavioural.


  1. Bullet  Anything you can imagine can be illustrated.

  2. Bullet  Pictures help information or a message to ‘land’ in an instant.

  3. Bullet  All work is bespoke and produced specifically for your needs.

  4. Bullet  Personnel, vehicles, environment, branding etc is specific to your company.

  5. Bullet  Numerous messages can be incorporated into one illustration.

  6. Bullet  Illustrations are stored for any future projects and as ‘stand alone’ elements.

  7. Bullet  Elements within an illustration can be altered without major re-working.

  8. Bullet  Material has more chance of being read when it includes illustrations!

To view more samples of my work please go to


  1.   Email requirements to - with as much info as possible

  2.   I’ll get back to you with any queries and suggestions.

  3.   A detailed quote is then submitted.

  4.   Draft sketches are submitted for viewing and feedback.

  5.   Amendments are carried out and a detailed outline submitted for approval.

  6.   Following any further tweaks, colour is then added to the illustration.

  7.   The high resolution artwork is delivered in file formats to suit your needs.





One of a series of illustrations produced for Lanes Group ‘What Good Looks Like’ initiative.

Showing correct site set up and essential standards for each particular task.

The campaign was very successful, with Lanes Group achieving the

Health and Safety Initiative of the Year Award 2013” - issued by Construction News.

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