Cartoonist, Illustrator and Muralist

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Welcome to the website of Nigel Spaven, an award winning cartoonist and illustrator situated on the North East coast of England.

This is my 19th year producing bespoke artwork for a wide variety of clients and projects including:

advertising campaigns and presentations, school projects, children’s books, company logo design, caricatures and portraits, comic strips, posters and storyboards.

Also, educational material and detailed illustration for health and safety media used in the utilities and construction industries.

CARTOON and ILLUSTRATION is produced by either traditional methods or as digital media using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator depending on your needs and style preference. Everything starts with a sketch and progresses from there...  All work is original and of the highest quality.

MURALS are a perfect way to brighten up any wall, inside or outside. Please click here for more information.

Please feel free to browse my website for examples of commissioned work.

Commissions to Date:

  1. BLAST Programme

  2. HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

  3. Morrison Utility Services

  4. Lanes Group

  5. J. N. Bentley

  6. Thames Water

  7. Yorkshire Water

  8. Severn Trent Water

  9. Pepsico

  10. KP Snacks

  11. Local Borough Councils

  12. Tees Valley Housing Group

  13. Metro Centre, Gateshead

  14. The Customs House (South Shields)

  15. Teesside Play and Education Resource Centre

  16. Stranton Primary School, Hartlepool

  17. Whitehouse Primary School, North Shields

  18. The Business Community and General Public